Commissions are open

i can take payments via cashapp ($AlienFromPlanetZorg), venmo (dm me), or physical money (if we live close to each other irl).

where to find me

yesterweb forums
discord: AlienFromPlanetZorg#1257
anthrochat irc (not very active here): alienfromplanetzorg


  • Front Facing, 3/4, or side view, any expression

  • Shaded or Flat

  • Signature optional

  • 800x800 pixel png

  • $5/each

  • $4/each if you buy 3 or more

fullbody art

  • almost any pose

  • shaded, flat, or line

  • signature optional

  • any size

  • price negotiable (DM me)

won't draw

  • mecha

  • pornography

  • propaganda for electoral political parties

  • art with racist, queerphobic, ableist, etc agenda

  • uncredited assets for games or other software or media

  • designs you're printing to sell, unless you can guarantee me royalties

  • anything to do with cryptocurrency or nfts